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What is Cutting Width?

The “cutting width” of a lawnmower refers to how wide the area is that a lawnmower can cut in one pass.

It refers to the maximum area the lawnmower’s blade or blades can cut in one go, so while it’s a useful guide, if space is a concern it’s worth checking the full dimensions of the machine, as it may be slightly larger than this area.

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What are the benefits of a larger cutting width?

Choosing a larger cutting width can seriously cut down on the time it takes for you to finish the mowing job, because the larger blade covers ground more quickly and reduces the number of passes you need to make on the lawn.

Some people also prefer the larger models to have fewer lines in their grass, leaving a slightly more professional look.

Why should I choose a smaller cut width for my lawnmower?

A key factor in many people’s minds when purchasing lawnmowers, especially in the current economic climate, is undoubtedly cost. A larger cut requires a larger machine, and inevitably a higher price point.

That said, we don’t recommend looking for a machine purely based on price, as a machine too small for your needs could end up costing you far more in the long run than a correctly sized machine in the first place.

Another benefit of staying small is manoeuvrability – when handling tight corners, dodging trees, or precisely landscaping your garden, a smaller width means it’s easier to tuck your machine into difficult spaces, finish off lawn edges, and store away more easily when the job is done.

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What cutting height is right for me and my garden/green space?

There are no hard and fast rules about what cutting width is ideal for a given area, and your choice will depend on factors like storage space, the size of your garden, the type of terrain, and the effect you are aiming to achieve. However, as a rough guide, here are our recommendations:

  • For a small lawn (up to 300m2), a mower with a cutting width up to 17 inches (43cm) is ideal.
  • For a medium lawn (up to 600m2), you’d want a cutting width closer to 20 inches (51cm).
  • For a large lawn (larger than 600m2), you’d need at least a 20-22 inch (51-56cm) cut.

For the best advice, you can get in touch with us describing your needs and your garden or green space, and we’ll be happy to match you to the perfect product for you.

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