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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your opening hours?

Our current opening hours are :-

Monday – Friday: 07:30 – 16:30
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Are you open on weekends?

Our physical shop is closed on weekends, but our website remains open 24/7, allowing you to purchase new machines, book in existing ones for service/repair, or order parts.

New Machinery

Do you offer a part-exchange?

Yes, we do. Please send us an email at [email protected] with details about the machine and some pictures, and we can offer you an estimated valuation.

Do you buy used machines?

Yes, we do. Please send us an email at [email protected] with details about the machine and some pictures, and we can offer you an estimated valuation.

What does the “lead time” under a product mean?

We aim to keep a good stock of a wide range of products at all times. Occasionally, however, high sales may mean we temporarily go out of stock of items.
When this happens, we display a “lead time” under the product listing – this indicates how long the manufacturer has reported to us the machine will take to deliver in.
This is usually very accurate, but in the rare occasions there are delays or issues, we will contact you immediately to provide options.


Can I bring in my machine today for its repair/service?

It depends – we have a queue for both physical and online bookings, and we generally recommend customers book online or over the phone first, so we can advise the best time to take the machine in. If you’d like to find out our current queue times, please contact us.

Will my machine get worked on faster if I bring it in today/before my booking date?

No, all machines are looked at in the order of booking, and at particularly busy times of the year we may be forced to turn away your machine due to space constraints if it is brought in without a booking or before the booking date.
You can make a booking quickly and easily on our website.

Can you do an on-site repair for my machine?

We carry out all of our work at our fully-equipped workshops, which have all of the specialist equipment and spare parts to hand to offer a high-quality, time-efficient repair.
If you find you are unable to bring your machine in to us, we offer a collection/delivery service within the Hertfordshire area, which you can opt for while booking in.

Do you offer free-of-charge estimates?

Due to the complex and varied nature of machinery, we are unable to offer estimates for free. Instead, we charge a small fee which is usable against the final value of a repair if you choose to proceed with the work, which covers the cost of stripping down and appraising the machine. Once this is done, one of our trained colleagues will contact you to walk you through the estimate in detail.

Can you do same-day/while-you-wait repairs?

In order to remain fair to all of our customers, and to balance our workload across our team of engineers, we are unable to offer same-day or while-you-wait repairs.
If you’d like to know the current estimated lead time on works to your machine, please contact us and we’ll be happy to estimate based on your machine type.

If I am not home, are you still able to collect or deliver my machine?

If you make prior arrangements with us, we are able to collect and deliver your machine even when you are not at home.
Please note that we cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of machines left unattended in an insecure location.

Can someone help me unload my machine when I arrive?

Absolutely, just head inside and our team will be more than happy to help!

Can you service any make of machine? Why is my machine make not listed on the booking form?

While we aim to repair and maintain any machine for which we can get a supply of parts, some brands commonly sold by popular home & D.I.Y. shops, or online retailers, sell machines for which the parts are impossible or uneconomical to acquire.

What’s the best time for me to book my machine in for service?

It depends on the type of machine. For a lawnmower, the best time is when you’ve finished your last cut of the year – that way, it’s with us when you need it least, and (included in a service) we can fully clean the machine for you, removing any grass or debris, and preventing it rotting or rusting in storage.
For any other type of machinery, the best time is when you have a large period of downtime, so that if parts take longer to arrive or you find we have a longer queue than usual, you’re not left without your machine.

Can you collect my machine?

Yes! We offer a collection/delivery service to all locations within Hertfordshire (and some further afield). We’ll let you know the cost during your online booking, or you can contact us with your full address and we will calculate this for you.

Do you hire out machines?

Yes, we offer an expanding range of machinery available for hire – just visit our hire page to find out more.

Can I borrow a machine whilst mine is in for repair? Do you offer a “courtesy mower”?

At peak times, we may have up to 400 machines from a wide range of customers in our workshop at any one time. Unfortunately, this means it’s unfeasible to offer a loan machine. However, you may be able to find an appropriate machine available to hire from us depending on demand and machine availability.

My question wasn’t answered here!

Not to worry, our friendly team are available by email or Whatsapp to answer your query. If you have suggestions for improving our FAQs page, please send your comments via our contact form, and our web team will take them on board.

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