Product description

The 30.5cc SRM-3021TES loop handle brushcutter features a high torque head. With a 1:1.62 gear reduction ratio, it generates outstanding levels of torque – up to 50% more than previous models.
More torque means more cutting performance and by installing thicker line, the user can tackle a wider range of tasks with just one brushcutter. Featuring a comparatively small engine, the unit is lightweight and features low levels of vibration, but has the cutting performance of a higher capacity machine.
The SRM-3021TES starts almost effortlessly thanks to the Easy Start system.
This product is part of ECHO’s X Series range of “best-in-class” products.
Engine displacement
Dry weight*
Fuel tank capacity
0.74 litres
Fuel consumption at max engine power
0.72 L/h
Start assist system
Handle type
Loop handle
Drive shaft diameter
7.0mm (Solid)
Main pipe diameter
Gear reduction ratio
X-Series means ECHO's best-in-class products. More power, lighter weight and performance that will noticeably increase your productivity. Designed for professionals who demand the best and highest quality tools. 
X-Series engines make this line-up exceptional. They offer a revolutionary combination to get jobs done faster with less fatigue.
Read about X-Series here.
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Echo SRM-3021TES/L