Product description

The STIGA SWP 355 hand-propelled outdoor sweeper is easy to use and intended for both indoor and outdoor use. It picks up dust, dirt and debris such as leaves, paper and cans, and can be used on hard or concrete surfaces including driveways, pathways and car parks. This quiet and reliable sweeper has two counter-rotating cleaning brushes measuring 300 mm in diameter with three different height settings and a brush on the underside that picks up even the finest dust. The waste collector has a 20 litre capacity. The outdoor sweeper also has 210 mm rubber wheels for smooth and comfortable use. Ideal for cleaning areas up to 1600 m².This model comes with a 2-year warranty

Lawnmowers and Garden Tractors
Stiga SWP 355

Hand-propelled outdoor sweeper with two 30 cm rotating brushes and 20 Litre waste container.