Product description

The STIGA Stig robot lawn mower cares for your garden and gives you back your lawn-time. With a 5Ah battery, it mows up to 1200sqm Compact and weighing less than 8kg, STIGA Stig can manoeuvre effortlessly without marking your lawn. It is perfectly balanced, both on bumpy ground and on slopes up to 24°. Stig's two electronic boards learn when and where to cut. For your safety, its soft-obstacle sensors stop STIGA Stig in its tracks the moment it encounters any obstacle. The rain sensors also send it back to the docking station at the first sign of rain. By connecting it to your smartphone, you can control its cuts and schedule the sessions, using the STIGA.GO app. Through the app, you can also set up to 5 Go-To-Cut points, meaning the points on the wire where STIGA Stig will start mowing from - in order to give your garden an even cut. Then when the work is done, simply lift the top cover, and wash it down with a garden hose - thanks to the IPX5 protection, you can always keep your STIGA Stig fit and clean to be seen.Plug type: BS

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Stiga STIGA Stig 1200

The STIGA Stig 1200 robot mower is a new breed of robot mowers, engineered to work without compromise. STIGA Stig is the first robot that can properly nurture a healthy lawn in just 2 cutting sessions a day, allowing you more uninteruppted time on your lawn. A choice of two STIGA ePower batteries can be specified at purchase to suit the size of your garden, while ensuring reliability and durability. Compact and lightweight, STIGA Stig intelligently navigates gardens of all shapes and sizes: its perfect balance allows it to manage all terrains. STIGA Stig is extremely silent: while in use, it's as quiet as a household refrigerator. STIGA Stig is refreshingly easy to use and flexible, featuring an intuitive keypad and Bluetooth connection, so you can instruct STIGA Stig directly from your smartphone.Plug type: BS