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SWP 577 Hand Propelled Sweeper

The SWP 577 is the largest hand propelled sweeper in the STIGA range, suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning.

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This top of the range push sweeper is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; designed to remove dust, dirt and debris such as leaves, papers and cans from hard and concrete surfaces such as driveways, paths, patios, parking lots and many other areas with ease of use and no noise.

With its 77cm cleaning width, the SWP 577 Sweeper is perfect for cleaning large residential and public areas, equipped with two cleaning brushes each with a diameter of 410mm and with a collector capacity of 50 litres. This sweeper also features 275mm rubber wheels for enhanced traction and an ergonomic and reversible handlebar.

Lightweight, easy to use and maintenance free – a really useful tool for both professional and domestic users.