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Stiga CS 118c (14″)

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Driven by a powerful 1.8kW motor, the CS 118c (14″) electric chainsaw makes light work of cutting logs. To tackle the toughest tasks, this robust chainsaw comes with a top-quality 35cm bar and chain. And for your safety, the CS 118c features a manual chain brake, stopping the chainsaw the moment there’s a kickback.

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When it comes to pruning your garden and tackling tough logs, the CS 118c (14″) chainsaw makes everything easy, thanks to its powerful 1.8kW motor and top-quality 35cm bar and chain. For your complete safety, the chainsaw’s manual chain brake stops operation in a fraction of a second – and releases the chain brake automatically during strong kickbacks. The CS 118c is easy to use too, thanks to a convenient automatic oil pump and accessible oil-level window. And with a quick turn of a screw, you can quickly adjust the chain to the right tension. Simply plug in, switch on and get to work! One power cable fits a variety of products within the electric handheld range and is available to purchase as an optional extra. The cable you require with this product is H05 1911-9291-01 This model comes with a 2-year warranty.