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Airrex Heaters

No smell, no exhaust pipe, and inexpensive to run – an almost impossible trio for portable heating solutions for workshops, warehouses, barns and small storage facilities alike – but these magical infrared heaters from Rex Nordic do just that. From garages to log cabins, they’re ideal for heating up your spaces cheaply and effectively.

Using infrared heating technology means that unlike ceramic heaters, ours don’t heat the air around the heater but the actual walls, floors, items and people themselves in the room. That means you’re warmer faster for less. And the room even stays hot longer if you open a door compared to standard heaters, since the room is hot rather than the air – perfect for a shop or showroom where customers come in and out regularly.

If you want to learn more about these fantastic heaters, visit our demo unit at our showroom, or call us on 01992 500 290 today!

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